Le tertiaire : +75% des emplois des pays « dévellopés », les androids, hologrammes, et acteurs virtuels

Ceci n’est pas arnold schwarzenegger

Ceci est un acteur virtuel.

Aéroports de Londres : des agents d’accueil holographiques

This Rocking Lead Singer is a 3D Hologram

Videos of Japan’s 3D Hologram Rock Star Hatsune Miku in HD!

Robots and Humans Dancing Together – The World is Getting Weirder (video)

Video Game Faces So Real, You Can Tell If They’re Lying (Trailer)

Yet Team Bondi and Rockstar are producing some brilliant images with their Motionscan technology. I think it’s remarkable how fast the video game technology is approaching the blockbuster budgets of Hollywood movies. Let’s not forget that even cheaper and simpler 3D motion capture tech is waiting in the wings, and will likely be ready for some commercial applications in the near future.

Developed by Australia’s Team Bondi, L.A. Noire features cutting edge facial image-capturing technology that allows real world actors to express a wide range of subtle emotions that will be seen in the virtual world.

XBox Kinect Controls Humanoid Robot (video)

Eyes Are the Gatekeepers of the Uncanny Valley

Eyes are the Gatekeepers of the Uncanny Valley (video)

Real-time 3D face reproduction demonstrated on video


ESSENCE: The Face ( oui c’est de la 3D )

Virtual conferencing using 3D avatars may be imminent

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